Sunday, February 19, 2012

Deadwood: Names for types of zombies?

Good news on multiple points. First, we have been setting up google docs so that we can more easily collaborate on material behind the scenes. As soon as Ole Doc Murphy gets his Internet connection back up and working, we're going to get him set up, too. That should really streamline or productivity.

In the meantime, Paul and I have been discussing some details about zombies. Specifically, what are we going to call them in the new game. Up until now we've been calling them Shamblers, Revenants, and Rage Zombies. All of these is a descriptive, they don't have the right ring to it.

Awhile back on TMP, someone suggested we use the name "Skeeters" for the fast zombies. Although it does have a nice ring to it (especially when you say it like Gaby Hayes: "Goldarnit, them Skeeters just ate the school marm's face!"), it just isn't what were looking for.

So, we have a short list of names that we are using internally. But... We thought maybe we would open to discussion up here again. Any ideas or suggestions? If we use your idea you will get credit in the book, thus earning you immortality among the pantheon of gamers.

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  1. That's a tough call. You're right, those names sound like they belong in a D&D game, not a Western shootout... And Skeeters, ha! "A swarm of skeeters tried to eat me up alive out there" takes on a whole different meaning, not mosquitos any more.

    I dunno how simple or colloquial you're looking to take these names. Seems to me they might just be called "Dead 'uns", but that's probably too basic. "Eaters" works if you're going for the typical flesh- or brain-hungry zombie. What else? "Seekers"? "Deathless"?

    Seems to me that people would call them a lot of different things, especially if they were a new phenomenon. "Coffin-busters" or "Foot-draggers" might work. "Bitin' Devils"?


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