Saturday, June 23, 2012

Arnica: Some Adobe buildings go on sale next week

Just thought I would give you guys a heads-up and let you know that 3-5 of the Arnica Real Estate Adobe buildings will be available for pre-sale next week.

We will definitely have:
- Casa Uno
- Casa Dos
- Cantina

We will probably have:
- Adobe Church
- Adobe Storefront

Not sure about the Belltower.

Here's a list of the buildings:

New photos will be added as they become available.

As I said, we just wanted to give fellow TMPers a heads-up on this cool upcoming release.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Blog Update: Making a few changes

Back in February, I made a decision to start a Hawgleg Blog and update it twice a week -- Tues & Thurs. My goal (and this is one of the few times I'm saying "I" instead of "we," because this was something I wanted to do, rather than doing it with my partners) was to give you guys more of a behind-the-scenes look at what we're doing and what's coming next from Hawgleg Publishing.

My commitment was to try blogging for three months and see if it helped accomplish those goals.

Well... time's up and I'm not 100% satisfied with the results. I think the simple truth is, I've accomplished the quantity but not the quality. Keeping this schedule isn't really giving me the time to create high-quality content. At least not and let me focus on the other projects we're working on.

So, for now, I'm going to cut back to making posts when I've got something important or interesting to say. I still might manage once a week, but I'm not committing to a specific schedule. For the next three months I'm going to focus on Quality, not Quantity. Other than that, my goals remain unchanged: I want to give you more behind-the-scenes info and post Work In Progress images and material.

In other words, I want to make this blog fun and factual.

Thanks for your support so far, and see ya back here soon.