Monday, August 11, 2014

RDNA selected Zombie Attack as an Image of the Week!

This is a cool feather in my cap, and Ah'm so proud that I could bust a button! One of the potential illustrations for our upcoming book, GUTSHOT: Night of the Living Deadwood, was selected by an online community called RuntimeDNA as one of their Images of the Week! 

One of the RDNA Images of the Week for Aug. 8, 2014
I'm a particularly proud pappy (all my illustrations are "my children," so ta speak) because I put a lot of work into this one, and am pleased with the way it turned out. I really like the look of terror on Sheriff Mike Foreman's face, and I think i achieved just the right amount of "ick" in that gutshot he's giving the zombie (yeah -- I like that it's a gutshot).

Another thing that makes me wanna hoot-n-holler is that this accolade comes with a prize! I got to pick out an item from their 3D store. Now, there were limitations, such as no software or bundles, so wipe the gold fever from yer greedy little eyes. This is an Image of the Week award, not the lottery!  And nevertheless, Ah'm pleased as punch to be winning it. RuntimeDNA seems to have pretty high standards all around. I really like and, but Ah gotta be honest -- there's just something a little classier about the RDNA folks. Can't really put muh finger on it, but the items they offer are just a smidge better than some of the other stuff out there.

So, Ah know none of yuh could bunk down fer a good night's sleep without knowing what I chose from the store. I will admit, I did poke around a bit, but to be honest, there was never any doubt. Last September they came out with an outfit that I've wanted ever since I saw it. It was a stylized saloon gal outfit, and I've always pictured her as one of the characters in the Deadwood book, probably pulling out a Derringer and shooting some undead gambler right between the eyes for having an ace up his sleeve.

The outfit is called Rockabilly Burlesque, and I think it's just the right mix of sexy, period-appropriateness, and steampunk. With these clothing items (and some of the jewelry) available to use on my own copy of the Victoria 4 figure, I will be able to pose her and create new illustrations for the Deadwood book. Of course, my work will be in b&w (since that's how the book will be published). But still, I think I'll manage to make good use of this outfit.

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Stay posted, folks. Things are gonna start getting interesting around here!

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